Performers at Fiestaval Red Deer, Red Deer Festival

Fiestaval in Red Deer has been cancelled

Due to financial issues “Fiestaval” the Latin Festival in Red Deer has been cancelled.
Next year we will try again to get support from the city and the vicinity. At this point we would like to say thank you to everybody involved in producing the event, the sponsors we had, Janice Shimmek, the Red Deer Downtown Association, the vendors, the performers, the city of Red Deer and the public in general.
It was truly a great time while it lasted.
Gracias a todos,
Please share with others to make sure nobody goes to the event to an empty street.

How To Contribute


Make sure no one misses the fun, food and fiesta of Fiestaval.


Fiestaval offers some exciting opportunities for vendors.


The Red Deer Multicultural Arts Society is encouraging.


If you are looking for a maximum return for your investment.

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