Vendor Rules & Regulations

Regular Vendor information and registration

Artisan, Non Profit, Retail, or Corporate Booth

Fiestaval is a 3-day multicultural arts and entertainment festival highlighting the Latin American Culture. Central to its distinction is that Fiestaval is a free, family-oriented alternative for celebrating multicultural arts and entertainment in Calgary.
Fiestaval will take place in the heart of downtown Calgary at the Calgary Olympic Plaza on July 22-23 and 24

How long is the event?
Three days, July 21 (Friday)  from 11:30am to 1:30pm (light programming) and from 4:00pm to 11:00pm (please be advice that we will not be programming the stage from 1:30pm to 4:00pm but you can choose to sell during those times) Saturday July 22 from 11:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday July 23 from 11:00am to 8:00pm

How many people will attend?
Depending on the weather; approximately 30,000 people are expected.

What is provided when I rent a booth?
A 10 x 10-foot space for your tent you must operate within this space.
*Note – we don’t provide tables for your booth unless you are a sponsor or a food vendor.

How will I know where my booth will be located?
Placements will be done “first come first served” upon payment and registration we will set your location.

At what time I am supposed to set up my booth?
A complete guide to set up and tear down will be email to you 1 week before the event.

The vendor is required to clean up a 10×10 foot area around their table and dispose of any garbage into the City of Calgary large green bins only. The event receptacles are for attendees use only.
Vendors are also in charge of setting up their own flooring at their booth, (if you booth is on the grass) all the flooring for all vendors will be located next to the stage; this flooring is heavy and awkward to carry so you will need to bring some help to take it to your booth. You are also required to put the flooring back after the event is over next to the stage.
You MUST provide a 25 pound weight for each leg of your tent or you will be not allowed to set up; staking into the grass is not permitted.
Please note that all 10×10 tents must have proof of fire retardancy via tag or certificate (ULCS109) or the City of Calgary Fire Department will not permit you to set up. Call 311 for full details on City of Calgary Fire Department requirements for 10×10 tents.

May I use a generator?
NO. Generators are not permitted because of the noise and pollution concerns. If you do require power we do have limited spaces in which we can accommodate you; the fee for electricity is $50 dollars for a 10 amp /110 volts outlet; please let us know before registration.

May I bring food to sell?
Not as an Artisan Vendor. We do offer 15 food vendor booths;

What happens if it rains during the weekend?
We go rain or shine!

We are not responsible for your rental requirements for the weekend; you can call directly any rental company and ask them for your particular needs, it is an easy phone call.